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Bracelet Pig & Hen - Coat of arm Navy


Pig & Hen bracelets are Handmade in Amsterdam and we are very proud of our roots. The weapon of our beloved city is called the Coat of Arms. Coloured with a strong black and red, almost Stronger than Steel, with three crosses standing firm in the middle.

The three crosses are as unique and recognizable as the city itself. The crosses stand for three values: courageous, steadfast and compassionate. Those values flow through the veins of our city, the canals and we naturally take them with us on our journey. Now you can also take our Amsterdam values with you: we proudly present the Pig & Hen Coat of Arms bracelet.

Gorgeous George has got a 5mm D-shackle and a 12 mm wide rope.
Sharp Simon has got a 4 mm D-shackle and a 10 mm wide rope.
Vicious Vik has got a 3 mm D-shackle and a 7 mm wide rope.

Our bracelets are handmade in Amsterdam, by using authentic ship rope we carry on the Dutch legacy. They are meant to survive a lifetime, are stronger than steel and will age like your wrinkled face.

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