Storage basket Fele - Senegal


After cultivating sweet grass in The Gambia, it is harvested to be made into these baskets. To add color and texture, recycled plastic from prayer rugs is used. First sorted by color, then combined with the grass to form the baskets according to precise measurements. These measures are a new step in the procedure which has been added to the production process, by Fatima Jobe, to ensure consistency and quality. Later, these baskets are to be lined with leather for extra durability over the life of the handles in order to support significant weight while keeping a good look.

The baskets were originally used to store grain. Now, its use has not only become more sophisticated, but its shape and design is also changing.

Little Fele

Diameter at opening: 25cm

Medium Fele

Diameter at opening: 35cm

Grand Fele

Diameter at opening: 45cm

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