Les bons réflexes avant d’acheter un sac à main

Good reflexes before buying a handbag

Here are some tips and advice on how to make a wise choice when buying your handbag!


When you want to get a handbag that will last through the years, it is important to ask yourself questions before shopping. Don't rush your purchase. Take the time to make a list of your needs (size, type, colour, material, etc.) and to take a look at your previous handbags. Get inspired by looks you love and current trends.

Ask yourself these following questions:

1. What do I really need? Do I use it for work or on weekends?

2. Do I like to change my bag or do I always wear the same one?

3. Do I need compartments?

4. Do I wear it across the body or over the shoulder?

5. Which handbags have I loved and worn the most? Their type?

6. Am I ready to invest in a quality bag?

7. How long do I want to keep my bag?

8. What is my budget? How much am I willing to put? Is it realistic?

By establishing the following criteria, you will be able to direct your search much more precisely.

The manufacture of the bag and the materials used are of great importance when looking for a bag that will hold up and cope with the elements of everyday life.

Choosing a genuine leather bag is choosing quality and durability. It will age well over time and become more flexible. This is why the Style So Original bags, in full grain leather, are THE best choices. This part of the leather is considered to be the most noble and of the highest quality.

To be checked:

-The seams

-The linings


The finishes of a bag is as important as the quality of its leather. What is the point of investing if the seams are poorly sewn and the linings are of inferior quality? What we want is a handbag that will be sturdy and that will follow us day after day. These finishes are what makes Nina Heyer's bags so strong. Quality inside and out.


Are you little?

Best option: A small bag that is not too long so as not to shrink and disproportionate your figure. Instead, favour a medium-sized bag or clutch. Small bags won't hide your waist.

Misstep: The huge bags! Avoid getting them too big, as they will crush your figure!

Do you have large hips?

Best option: A higher bag to avoid accentuating your hips.

Misstep: Choose a bag that is too big or a bag that falls directly on your hips which will add volume.

Are you a wider upper body?

Best option: Carry your handbag over the shoulder and choose a longer bag.

Faux pas: Avoid very short bags at the shoulder and at the level of the bust which will add volume to the upper body.

Are you plus sizes?

Best option: It is important to respect the proportions of your body with a bag that is neither too big nor too small. The graphic bags will structure your silhouette.

Misstep: Massive bags that will weigh down your figure.


Choose the colour of your bag according to your lifestyle, your style and the predominant colours of your wardrobe.

For a bag that you will use every day, bet on more neutral colours like black, white, gray, beige, navy blue, etc. They'll match easily with most outfits and will go through the years with ease. Timelessness is your ally!

If you want to get a bag for special occasions (outings, weekends, weddings, etc.) it is always possible to choose a coloured bag (take into account your outfit) or a bag in metallic tones (gold and silver).

The trendy colours of the season (fall-winter 2015-2016):


The price of a real leather bag varies greatly from company to company. High profile brands sell their bags at very high prices, but high price should not be confused with quality. We sometimes pay for the name on our bag!

Synthetic handbags: $ 10 to $ 100

Large designer leather handbag: $ 500 to + (some bags, at Louis Vuitton for example, retail for more than $ 3,000)

Less publicized company leather handbag: between $ 150 and $ 500

Opting for a genuine leather bag whose price is unaffected by a media circle is a golden option for those who wish to pay a more than reasonable price.

In addition to offering quality bags, Style So Original offers a whole variety of them. You will find among their selection a model that will suit you! Happy shopping!


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